At Canterbury Roof Coatings we protect, refurbish and enhance New Zealand roofs across Christchurch and Canterbury using the New Zealand made coating systems/roof painting systems. Re-coating is a cost-effective way of maintaining your roof, improving its street appeal and market value.

Our rigorous application process ensures your roof coating will last for years.

Canterbury Roof Coatings - inspectiom

Step 1 – Inspection
Contact us to arrange a time to have your roof inspected. If requested, we’ll also provide you with a comprehensive informative quote to have your roof transformed.

Canterbury Roof Coatings - preparation

Step 2 – Preparation
Like any other refurbishment, thorough preparation is the key. Your roof is carefully treated to remove moss, lichen and algae as well as grime and chalking. Thorough water blasting ensures the roof is left completely clean and free of loss debris.

Canterbury Roof Coatings - repair

Step 3 – Repair
Often simple roof repair work needs to be carried out prior to re-coating. Repairs include replacing cracked tiles or removing dents, fixing broken and cracked mortar, and treating and replacing corroded roofing. Once the repairs have been completed the roof is ready for painting.

Canterbury Roof Coatings - finish spray

Step 4 – Basecoat
Depending on whether your existing roof is concrete or metal tile, corrugated or colour steel, an appropriate basecoat and/or sealer coat may be applied to give a secure surface ready for the final topcoat.

Step 5 – Topcoat
Your chosen colour is applied by a trained professional using the latest airless sprayer technology. The colour could be the same as the original or a completely new look.

Wide Colour Range

We can match the colour of your existing roof or change the colour of your roof completely. There are 28 classic roofing colours available, however, other coatings are available.

Canterbury Roof Coatings - colour range